Badlav Sansthan
Marching Towards Social Change with Sustainable Development

Commandments of Badlav Sansthan

 1. Badlav Sansthan is devoted for development of Science and Technology. It believes that some defects in the acts of every Society.   Orthodox Thoughts are barricades to perceive the innovations in these Societies. It is necessary to remove these Orthodox Thoughts.
Progressive Scientific Ideology is the key to open the door of new future avenues for these Societies in this Scientific Era. Because, this Scientific Era is changing the thinking of whole Human Society in the globalize World.. Progressive Scientific Ideology is gross of adoption of scientific ideas. It teaches us to think and act as scientifically.
2. Badlav Sansthan believes that Education is light in which a man walks to see goals in the darkness. It is only the way by which a Human being achieves aims and objectives of his life. He and She develop his personality through awareness of Education. Impart of education is a duty of every intellectual in the whole World. It is a basic right of every Human being in the civilized and Cultured Society.
3. Badlav Sansthan believes that. “Health is wealth”. Sound mind is found in a sound body. All Human beings must live “Healthy and Wealthy “in the society.
4. Badlav Sansthan believes that there are no discriminatory laws in the Nature. All Human beings are equal before the law. Natural justice is the basic Right to the people of society. It must be provided to members of the Society in every condition.
5. Badlav Sansthan believes that “A Fall of the Plough is a dividing line between Civilization and Barbarism.” Agriculture is learning and turning point of Human Society. Development of Agriculture is the only way to survive on the Earth.
6. Badlav Sansthan believes that Culture of a Society is the way of life of its members. It is collection of ideas and habits which they learn, share and transmit from generation to generation. Conservation of a Culture is the duty of every member of the Society.
7. Badlav Sansthan believes that Environment is the “God gift” to alive all Human beings on the Earth. It must be protected by all members of Society.
8. Badlav Sansthan believes that Human Rights are inborn Rights of the all Human beings of society on the Earth. It must be provided to all members of the Society.-
9. Badlav Sansthan Believes that change is the law of Nature. Every Society is changeable. Development is the Production of a Social Change. It is necessary to provide equal opportunities to the people of all sections of society in Developmental Process.
10. Badlav Sansthan believes that service is the Religion .Always serve to needful people in the society. It is a basic character of Humanity. It provides social security to the members of society.


Administrative Structure of Various Centers

Badlav Sansthan has declared various centers to perform the allied activities. These are functioning as full fledged autonomous bodies of the Institution. Administrative Structure of these centers is as follows:-





Dr. Bhawana Verma

 Centre For Health Care


Dr. Anil kumar Kothari  Centre For Agricultural Development


Dr. Rajani Dhabhai

 Centre For Social Development


Dr. Meeta Singh Solanki

 Centre For Progressive Scientific Ideology


Dr. Neeta Dashora

 Centre For Environment Protection